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My wife left me for a couple of cheesy pickup lines

I am about to tell you the saddest story in my life. The truth is that I am already over it and that is why I am able to talk and write about it. Anyway, I am planning to start from the beginning so please pay attention because you might find yourself in the same situation sooner that you believe.

I met my wife in a park, during my morning jogging. I don’t know if it was love at first sight or something else but I just went to her and asked her for her phone number. She gave it to me immediately and we went out for a couple of times before we moved in together. One thing leads to another and we got married in a couple of months. I thought we had the perfect life and that we were the perfect couple. And we were, until a couple of weeks ago when she left me. Guess what happened? A guy convinced her that he was better than me, using cheesy pickup lines. She told me that she met somebody in a bar who made her laugh and then she realized that with me she was never really laughing.

When I saw she was packing and getting ready to leave me I told her that I could learn some cheesy pickup lines and tell her from time to time if that was what she needed. She told me that I didn’t understand anything she said and that I was not only boring but also silly sometimes. I couldn’t believe that I was in that situation. I was upset but then, after I thought about what happened, it made me laugh. I had to admit that it was sad but it was also funny at the same time so I had to laugh at myself. Not too many men can say that their wives left them because the man who used cheesy pickup lines made her understand how miserable she was with them.

So, this is my story. My wife left me for a cheesy guy and now I am single and I began to pick up girls using lines I learn from here and there.  I guess, I became the cheesy guy who picks up girls and even married women in bars. And I have to admit that it really works. I am impressed and I guess that I have to thank for my success to my ex-wife who left me and to the guy that made her leave me only by telling her a couple of cheesy lines.

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